Greenlaw Town Hall's Past

Greenlaw was the county town of Berwickshire from 1698 to 1904 and the most outstanding building in Greenlaw, the old Town Hall or County Rooms, reflects that former important status.

Built by the Earl of Marchmont in 1829, the architect was John Cunningham. The style is Greek Revival and the symmetrical front elevation features a central Ionic portico and raised dome. The main hall was used for county courts trials. The building lost its town hall status in 1904, and was subsequently used as a village hall, and housed Polish soldiers during World War II.

During the 1970s it housed a swimming pool and more recently it was used as an antique centre, but as the cost of repairs to the building mounted that too closed. It was unused for around 16 years and was in risk of demolition, until a successful campaign to restore the building for a sustainable use.

Scottish Historic Buildings Trust
Greenlaw Townhall